Hello World!

My Name is Linda Bennett, My website (and blog @ archi-ninja.com) is designed for an eclectic mix of students and professionals. I offer up to date Architectural news, blogs and project information. I seek to become involved in both niche and broad areas of the Architectural Profession. I have a strong desire to be successful; and to be inspired by creative and motivating people who make a difference to the perception and practice of ‘Architecture’.

I am currently studying my Master of Architecture at the University of Technology in Sydney; I am a High Distinction average student specialising in Environmental Design and Material Technology. Therefore, like the ninja I have extensive underground Mental and Physical Training.

I have over 2 years of experience in the Professional Industry; I am a well established employee at Architectus with broad experience in the Commercial Industry. My practice at Architectus has provided me with the expertise to become an advanced User of Autodesk Revit®.

I seek to push the International boundary of BIM application. My technical weaponry (aside from nun-chucks) is my ability to design and document using Revit®, my level of skill is emphasised by my pivotal role within one of Architectus’ most elaborate and high profile BIM projects to date.

Like most ninja’s I rarely sleep, in return my student work is commonly featured in yearly exhibitions and university publications. More recently I have been interviewed for the ‘UTS Undergraduate Study Guide’ as a role model for future students.

My professional work on 1 Bligh Street is highly publicised in both industry and mainstream media. More recently I have been interviewed by RMIT for my involvement in the project.

My architectural strength is my desire and ability to find a qualified balance between conceptual manifestations, research and commercial desires. I am calculated and agile; I seek to gain knowledge and expand my experience by contributing to several professional groups including the Green Building Council of Australia, the International Revit® Users group and SONA. I also represent Architectus at various professional events including the Property Council of Australia.

I have a number of interests which expand Architecture; primarily music which contributes to my current outlook on life. My musical concentration inhabits the genres of ska, ska-core and punk which are often characterised to my working qualities of Speed and Precision. View my last.fm profile to listen to my favourite bands.

I furthermore have an active interest in team sport as an outlet for social networking; I have helped to organise a professional indoor soccer tournament at Architectus and also contribute to charity events. I am, therefore a versatile and conditioned provider to the professional and social environment of any workplace.

I seek to upload regular ‘Video Interviews’. My first video is directed to potential employees and aims to summarise my skills and ideas of workplace culture. Q: What type of firm would you like to work for and what would you offer them?

Video coming soon

If it is not clear yet, my workplace and family often compare my personal and professional qualities to that of the Ninja; I have therefore taken on the great responsibility and challenge of becoming an Archi-Ninja. Finally, on a less serious note check out my favourite Ninja game! Enjoy!

Profile Picture

Age: 22
Location: Sydney, Australia
Interests: World Domination! Music (Ska, Skacore, Punk, Art, Architecture and Muscle Cars.
Professional Influences: I am influenced by the possibility that architecture can evolve, manipulate and shift contemporary understanding of city, society and place. My contribution to architecture is socially and environmentally driven and as a result I avoid the recent one-dimensional debates of style or fashion.

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