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Bligh Street is currently under construction, I have blogged about this previously but if you are not located in Sydney I strongly recommend you keep track of the progress via our live Webcam. Bligh Street is set to create a new benchmark in Australia for the sustainable design of commercial buildings.


Last night I attended the Jean Novel talk at the NIDA Theatre in Sydney. He spoke about his current work and the ‘iconic tower’ for the Fraser Property group in Broadway, Sydney. The talk was fantastic and he was incredibly charismatic. I will upload the transcript shortly.


I discovered this article on Fox news today. I would argue this man deserves to be of the highest ninja status! A British man who sliced his arm off in a freak chainsaw accident calmly picked it up, put it in a bag and took it to his neighbours.


Terroir have been one my favourite Architectural firms for some time now. The recently completed Smith Street (ware) house is rich in texture, but what fascinates me is the strong presence of playfulness. Check out their work at


I have been working on a number of ‘1 Bligh Street’ animations and construction sequences; I am hoping to obtain approval to post shortly. I look forward to sharing some of my work.


This weekend I was among a small group of Architectus employees who attended a 3 day Revit Conference. The event, located in Sydney brings together international users of Revit for a very productive weekend of conferences and workshops.


Today I was awarded Architectus Employee of the Month for the second time, it is very rewarding to be recognised for continual hard work on a project that you are genuinely proud to be apart of.


Today I was interviewed by RMIT for my involvement in the 1 Bligh Street project. The publication will be out later this year and I will post it shortly.


I attended several Critical Vision (CV08) talks this year. The standout in my opinion was ‘The Suburb Eating Robot’ by Andrew Maynard Architects.


I am currently on the look out for Documentaries and TV shows which genuinely encourage environmental news. Here are a few that were posted on Digg:

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